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Amano Corporation, renowned for introducing the first parking machine to the market in 1967, has since evolved into a global leader in parking equipment manufacturing, becoming the largest parking equipment manufacturer worldwide. In 2008, Xparc continued the tradition of quality, excellence and innovation, expanding its presence to over 40 countries worldwide.

Xparc Features

Accessibility Xparc prioritises serviceability for operators and end users, whether it’s local or cloud-based systems. The software not only features a parking management system but also enables remote intervention on various field devices, minimising maintenance downtime and saving on travel expenses borne by the customer.

State of The Art Software Xparc features ‘Xoffice’, a user-friendly car park management software with tools for automated, cutting-edge parking operation. Users can securely access Xoffice via a web interface, ensuring the highest level of data security. Xparc’s access rights are tailored to a strict need-to-know basis, safeguarding critical activities and sensitive data like financial results based on user permissions.

Scalability and adaptability Built on an open platform, Xparc allows for a high degree of adaptability and supports:
  • Third-party interfaces for seamless data exchange.
  • Customization to meet specific operational needs.
  • Scalability, centralization, and integration with on-field systems, both hardware and software.

Entry, Exit, Nested Or Season Card Devices

These devices make sure drivers can easily enter and exit the parking lot. On top of the default functionalities like VoIP intercom and receipt printers, they can easily be extended with any of the following options.

  • Credit card option (pay on exit, credit in/out, event entry)
  • IP based SpyCamera for remotely supporting customers whenever they are facing issues
  • QR Scanners (reservations, APP, Discounts) for easy registration of reservations or discounts in the customer’s mobile app
  • IP based Automatic Number Plate Recognition and/or CCTV camera technology for increased security of your parking lot

Automatic Paystation

The Automatic Pay Station allows for easy payment for the parking spot, but can equally be used for selling renewal and multiple use tickets. The Pay Station starts from a uniform design which can be extended with standard or anti-vandalism locks, extra tools for DDA compliance, and so on.


Manual Cashier

The Manual Cashier is a staffed cashier system offering the exact same possibilities as the Pay Stations above. Typically, it consists of a touchscreen, a cash drawer and a receipt printer. However, multiple add-ons are available to fulfil various local and individual needs. QR ticket scanners and validator machines are just some of the numerous possibilities. Small operational tasks like monitoring alert or opening gates can also be carried out using the Manual Cashier.

Barrier Gates

Xparc’s barrier gates are available in all sizes and can be extended with the following options:

  • IP interface – An IP connection guarantees correct monitoring and incomparable ease of maintenance
  • Automatically opens in case of a power loss – In the event of a power loss, Xparc barrier gates can automatically be opened to guarantee drivers can still enter and exit the parking lot. The Mobile Cashier app helps you registering drivers and retrieving your money in these cases.
  • Different arm options – to meet the operator’s individual needs

Mobile Apps

As the world’s market leader in Parking industry, we constantly innovate and design our solutions in such a way that user-friendliness gets increased while costs for the operator are being reduced. One of the things allowing us to do so is our wide range of mobile apps; all of which are available on both Android and iOS devices. The web services used to make our apps interact with the car parks are also available for third party integrators.