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Secure Parking’s 24-hour control centre, securevision provides interactive monitoring, online management and operational services to car parks, transforming car park operation, delivering significant cost savings and maximum return on investment. securevision offers both car park owners and operators a valuable range of benefits and advantages that unlock your car park’s full potential.

Surveillance & Security

We are your eyes and ears on the ground watching over every aspect of your car park’s operation 24 hours a day, every day. We monitor activity and deal with any issues as they arise, ensuring improved security for car park, equipment, vehicle, staff and customer security.

Enhanced Levels of Customer Service

With our securevision staff is available to assist customers at the press of a button – day and night. They can respond and act appropriately to customer enquiries via intercom, telephone and email.

Minimum Investment in Equipment

securevision’s Plug and Play technology requires only a minimum level of investment in equipment because we simply integrate our solution into your existing infrastructure.

Increase in Operational Efficiencies

You won’t just save on staff costs. Your car park will run far more smoothly with a minimum of hassles and with minimal equipment down-time.

Superior Features

Central Control Centre also enables programming of permanent parker cards, after hours call-outs, after hours telephone support, reporting, system backups, shift and data entry, other general administrative tasks and centralised customer voucher production.