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SP valet attendants undergo special courses from our Learning and Development Centre for enhancing their skills, etiquette and safe driving practices. One of our strengths is that we can almost immediately deploy resources to deal with sudden in-flow of vehicles for events and conferences, even on a short notice.

Valet Parking Benefits

Client End Users
Detailed reports Easy retreival
Competitive price Vechile safety
Well groomed staff adding to brand experience Hassle-free experience

State-of-the-art Valet Automation System

Secure Parking has developed a state-of-the-art Valet Automation System, which has been installed at multiple locations that we operate in the UAE and provide our clients with Certified Valet attendants holding valid UAE driving licenses and excellent track records, ensuring that customers’ vehicles are properly handled and delivered safely.
  • Password protected screens, with complete history of all the transactions and manipulations during every shift with direct link to the operator
  • Complete details on the trips made by the valet attendant and the cars driven
  • Flexible rates that can be tailored to meet anytime or count criteria, with seasonal passes, membership discounts or vouchers
  • Complete monitoring of parking occupancy
  • Fast allocation of parked cars even if tickets are lost via a powerful search engine, with automatic free space allocation option
  • Detailed reports on the daily transactions and the drivers’ performance filtered and sorted upon request
  • Multiple accounts, with a flexible validation system with detailed reports on the use of the validation tickets
  • Displays on the number of retrievals currently in the queue
  • Employee performance report showing how many cars were parked and retrieved by the staff.